Mussoorie chooses 35 year old Chairman

chairman mussoorie anuj gupta

Prachi Raturi



Recently ousted from Congress, 35 year old Anuj Gupta, created a history of sorts when he beat BJP’s O.P. Uniyal by 166 votes.

Angry with BJP’s disappointing performance some party workers burnt an effigy of MLA Ganesh Joshi on Wednesday evening.

Congress meanwhile saw four seats being won out of a total of 13.

One of the youngest board members at Mussoorie’s Municipal Council, Gupta had over the weeks of aggressive campaigning, promised as the change the town needed and deserved. Gupta’s victory had taken a nail biting turn as the day progressed. While he was leading by 1500 votes, the numbers came down to 450 till it was announced that Anuj had won by 170 votes.

An angry BJP wrote an application for recounting and Gupta was finally announced winner by 166 votes.

Speaking to eNewsDesk, Gupta said, “The people of Mussoorie have voted for change. I am looking at solving problems that have existed in Mussoorie for over two decades and yet been overlooked by senior leaders. For example, I would like to focus on parking, sewers, public toilets, creating new tourist spots. The other big issue is migration of the youth. So I would want to focus on professional courses at the degree college and job creation.”

Gupta got 5175 votes while BJP’s Uniyal bagged 5009. Megh Singh Kandari was at 4307, AAP’s Sumit got 120 votes, Billu Valmiki got 11 votes, Puran Singh Raunchela, 25, while 47 votes were Nota.

Interestingly independents wore the preferred choice even through the 13 different wards. While BJP didn’t win even a single seat, Congress bagged 4 and independents won 9.