Power play: Municipal Council elections

mussoorie election 2018

Prachi Raturi

eNewsDesk Bureau


With Friday being the last day for canvassing, the last minute rush to show number power was evident. Songs blared and slogans filled the air. Posters vied for attention, candidates in them, smiling their best smiles. Caps and posters, flags and scarves, all with different symbols, waiting for eager hands and necks.

For the past three days have seen massive political rallies by three major contenders for the post of chairman at Municipal Council. Anuj Gupta’s (who was ousted from Congress for six years after he announced contesting as an independent) organized a massive rally on Wednesday but not to be undone Megh Singh Kandari of Congres and O.P. Uniyal of BJP too organized large rallies on Thursday and Friday respectively.

Interestingly despite the dipping temperatures, the upcoming elections, are keeping the heat up in Mussoorie.

Each candidate has how his own style and agenda. While Gupta has been keeping the highlight on giving to the town what “experienced leaders” could not, in their terms.

For Uniyal, his personal touch with people through the year has been an added bonus.

Quiet but composed is Megh Singh Kandari. Dressed in all white for his rally on Thursday, he finally had the party seniors by his side, walking graciously as they ought to have done earlier.

As the sun gathered its rays before code of conduct’s Cinderella like deadline approached, the last appeals dulled the sounds of birds returning home. What remained behind were pamphlets and flags and empty packets of namkeens and sweet drinks doled out to enthusiastic supporters. One only hopes the promises to voters are not as empty!