Drawing inspiration from nature

artist Haridarshan Drawing inspiration from nature

Prachi Raturi



When Banaras based, internationally showcased artist Haridarshan left Mussoorie after a three day visit, he took back more than memories.

For the artist who considers nature to be a great teacher, is taking back lots of inspiration. Be the rolling mists or the lingering scent of pine cones, there is something about the hill town that has touched him deeply.

It is no surprise then that the artist took time off from his personal visit to do a small workshop with the students of Sanatan Dharm Inter College, painting a landscape he observed from the school.

Speaking to eNewsDesk, Haridarshan said, “Nature is the mother of art. When a human being is away from nature, he/ she loses everything. Through art, I tried to reconnect children with nature.”

The artist painted a vivid painting of a view from the school while the curious young eyes looked on. As the mist rolled on, the trees behind acquired a mysterious hue and the deft hands painted it on the paper.

Tanya Rawat, a class seven student whose eyes twinkled in the afternoon sun that peeked through the clouds was amazed at the experience. Like she put it, “It is amazing how I see this view everyday but didn’t realise it would look so magical on paper.”

A point that the artist was trying to make. Like he explains it, “Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that even though we might be in the middle of nature, we forget to connect with it. When we observe nature so closely for an hour or so, while trying to draw or paint from it, it is like meditating.”

The kind of meditation, he recommends for everyone, be it a child or an adult.