Student of Wynberg Allen meets Uttarakhand Governor

Ayan Banerjee wynberg allen school

eNewsDesk Bureau

MUSSOORIE, August 22

Ayan Banerjee, student of Wynberg Allen School who is the founder of Man Go NGO met Uttarakhand Governor on Tuesday and  briefed him about his environment friendly project. He said that his NGO Man Go has successfully distributed 120 house plants amongst the staff members and patients of Kamla Nehru Hospital, Allahabad and is working on placing more plants in the wards and corridors of the hospital. Ayan has also distributed 380 plants in a primary school in Allahabad, called Toys and Joy, and Wynberg-Allen, Mussoorie. He has placed 300 plants in the classrooms, corridors and other areas of the school.

According to Ayan Bannerjee the Governor enquired about the project and asked him how he would take the ManGo Plant movement forward. Ayan revealed that he would like to take plant movement forward to schools, offices and Hospitals so that people are able to live healthier and happier lives as plant are giver of Oxygen. The governor extended his support to the work in future. Ayan thanked the Principal of Wynberg Allen school L. Tindale, the head master Radcliffe and Deepansh Jawrani for their support. The Librarian from Wynberg Allen School A. Kurian and others were present on the occasion.