Cabinet approves guidelines for rafting, aero sport and paragliding

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Ajay Ramola



The clouds of uncertainty over the adventure sports activities in Uttarakhand will be cleared as the  state cabinet has approved the amended guidelines for Uttarakhand foot launch aero sports, paragliding and Uttarakhand River Rafting and Kayaking, prepared by Uttarakhand Development Board, in compliance with the Uttarakhand High Court instructions.

 Several amendments have been made in the guidelines for rafting and Kayaking while considering the immense possibility for the Paragliding etc for the first time Uttarakhand Foot launch Aero sports guideline has been granted approval in the state. Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj said that immense care has been taken for environmental protection in the manuals and effort has been made to promote  sustainable and  preserve the economic interests of thousands of people connected with this field. He hoped that the adventure sports activities will begin in the state.

Secretary of Tourism Dilip Javalkar pointed out that the new manuals include the instructions given by the High Court. He said for conducting adventure sports activities the permission of the Uttarakhand Development Board would be necessary.

 He said that the government would soon keep its stand in the court to remove the ban from aero and white-water sports and would also inform it about the new amended guidelines. Outlining the details of the amendment made in the guidelines in detail he said that the provision of seeking permission for special campaigns in each River has been kept. In addition to this to stop the pollution in River Ganga as per the expectations of the High Court the vehicles used for taking the rafts will have to stay away 100 meters from the river. The rafting technical committee will identify the places to load and unload the rafts on both sides of the rivers after which the rafts will be brought into the river and drawn out from the identified points. The permission of the tourism department will be necessary for  those rivers where rafting is not being conducted. The clause of transferring the rafting agreement has also been amended. It would be mandatory to display the rafting tariff at the reception, brochures and website by each operator and no one will be allowed to raft in drunken state, For aero sports the eligibility of the instructors will be according to the guidelines of the government of India. A technical committee for the inspection of the equipment’s has been formed and this technical committee will identify the paragliding spots to promote such activities.

The provision of each operator keeping 10 maixmum tandem paraglider and 2 minimum has been made in the guidelines and registration for the operators has been made compulsory. For tandem pilot minimum 100 hours flight experience will be required and for chief instructor it will 200 hours and they would be trained in paragliding safety course. The age limit, uniform and safety equipment’s clauses have been kept in the guidelines and insurance of each glider would be mandatory.