“The Mall Road” shows signs of crumbling near Garhwal terrace

Garhwal Terrace road crumbling mussoorie

Ajay Ramola



The Mall Road considered as the life line has begun showing signs of crumbling at few places posing danger to the pedestrians and commuters alike if the repair work is not taken up immediately.

The 500-meter patch on Mall Road from Tibetan market to Garhwal Terrace have begun showing signs of caving in with the cracks opening at several places and if not treated soon it could result in caving in further stopping the movement of the pedestrians and commuters altogether if nothing is done soon.

The incessant rains lashing the town is not helping either and with more water seeping resulting in opening the cracks on the road even further causing sense of anxiety among the residents and sad part is that neither the administration nor the executive agency PWD has taken note of this burgeoning problem in the town.

The disgusted residents said that repeated digging of the roads for some or other pretext has not helped the cause and has made the soil loose resulting in the widening of the cracks. Former Municipal Council president O.P. Uniyal said that the Mall road has been dug several times either under sewerage project for laying pipelines or to lay down the telephone lines thus adding to the problem over the years. He demanded the immediate inspection by the executive agency and begin the treatment of the area before it subsides completely. When contacted the EO Municipal Council M.L. Shah said that a letter in this regard has been written to PWD but they are yet to receive appropriate response. The situation of other roads under the council is also not worth boasting as the commuters are greeted with potholes inviting danger to the life of the commuters.