Landslide damages house in Mussoorie

Sanatan Dharm Inter College mussoorie fire broke



The incessant rains from past three days has disrupted the normal life in Mussoorie with the sidewalls of the roads collapsing at frantic pace.

The sidewalls a road caved in and the debris fell on the roof of house below the road at Kyarkuli village in Mussoorie on Tuesday.

The roof was damaged completely, and the debris entered  the rooms of the house owner here damaging the goods kept inside. Five persons from two families were in the rooms when the incident occurred. They said that fortunately they did not go on sleep otherwise it could have turned into a fatal incident. One women suffered with minor injuries as one of the boulders rolled in hitting her here. The owner of the house Uday Singh said that his goods worth several lakhs have been damaged in this natural disaster. He lamented the fact that no one from the administration thought of paying him the visit and he has demanded financial relief for the damage to his house.

The heavy rains have impacted the roads in the town which have developed potholes especially on mall road and other linking roads creating problem for the residents. The pot holes can be seen at Badoni chowk, camels back road and the Khatta Pani road has not been left to walk even said the residents. On the other hand the administration is busy in removing the encroachment at Dehradun and is saying to assess the damage due to heavy rains and act accordingly.