DM seizes Godown and documents of Red cross Office in Uttarkashi

DM seizes Godown and red cross society

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The Godowns and all the records of Red Cross office were seized by DM Uttarkashi Dr Ashish Chauhan on non-compliance of his instructions of auditing the accounts given by him during the election of the red cross office bearers earlier.

 DM on inspection visit was aghast at finding that the auditing of the accounts was still pending, and the red cross society office bearers had shown no interest in auditing their accounts and updating their records. He directed the SDM, Senior Treasury Officer, district Disaster Management Officer to investigate the seized documents and the Godown.

 He instructed the investigation officers to find out  the amount of goods that were found. The amount of goods that were purchased and what was left in the Godown to be distributed and compare the stock thoroughly.

Following that the DM inspected the District Hospital and compared the vaccine measurement kept in the fridge to maintain the cold chain and that registered in the accounting register. The temperature of the Vaccine fridge I measured twice in a day namely at 10 am and at 4pm. It was found that the two measurements did not match. The DM instructed the CMO to ink an adverse entry in the service books of Cold chain handler Mahipal Singh Rana and assistant district officer in waiting Sanjay Bijalwan. CMO Dr Vinod Nautiyal, ACMO Dr Chandan Singh Rawat, Former secretary Jagmohan Arora and others were present on the occasion.