Trivendra, Harish share mangoes

mango party harish rawat trivendra rawat

Jai Kumar



In a show of bonhomie, former Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat’s mango party has unexpected visitor in the form of incumbent  chief minister Trivendra Rawat.

Harish Rawat has been hosting mango party and other parties of local produce since the time he was chief minister. He has continued with the practice even now as former chief minister.

On Sunday party hosted in Dehradun by Harish Rawat was a mango party where apart from local mangoes, Jamun and other indigenous hill fruits were served to the visitors. Harish Rawat had invited Uttarakhand chief minister, which was readily accepted by latter as he turned up at the party .

The two strong state leaders sitting together and sharing mangoes will certainly not go well with both Congress and BJP leaders as the two parties are at loggerheads ever since creation of the state in 2000.