Fleecing of tourists at Parking lots irks many in Mussoorie

parking problem tourist mussoorie

Ajay Ramola



The unabated fleecing of tourists at parking lots has irked many residents and tourists alike, who are demanding regulation of tariffs to avoid any sort of inconvenience to the tourists in Mussoorie.

The exorbitant process being charged for parking’s specially at various Parking facilities in the town has baffled the tourists who are forced to dole out just double amount of money to park their vehicles. Ramesh Talwar a tourist from Delhi alleged that he was charged Rs 600 at parking near Kulri Bazaar and when he left for Mall road and tried to enter the parking again he was asked to dole out Rs 600 again. Similar is the case with the other parking near hotel Oak Bush where the tourists were forced to cough up Rs 200 for parking their vehicle for couple of hours.

Other tourists, who have used the parking lots of the Municipal Board and MDDA are of the view that this fleecing has become chronic due to the administration turning a blind eye towards the problem that was going out of hand and resulting in scuffle between the parking management and the tourists.

Sanjay, a resident of Mussoorie is of the view that the problem has arisen due to the contractual system where a group of individuals are given the contract by MDDA. The contractors to recover the large sum that they have paid in advance to the authorities and the owners of private parking are forced to resort to fleecing the tourists by charging more than the prescribed rate that has been quoted in the contract.  The parking’s contractors feel that this is the only time when they can earn as the parking’s remain empty the whole year round apart from the peak season. When contacted, the coordinator of the private parking at Picture Palace said that the charges for parking varied, according to the vehicles. For small vehicles they are charging Rs 200 and for Rs 300 for bigger vehicles for twelve hours. For hourly parking they were charging Rs 100 and for 24 hours they were charging Rs 600. He termed the allegation of overcharging at his parking as baseless. When contacted EO Municipal Council said that presently the parking at Company Garden is under their jurisdiction and other parking facilities are managed by MDDA. He said that the rates for each parking are fixed and the people running them cannot charge more than that. When contacted SDM Mussoorie Meenakshi Patwal said that the government parking facilities are under MDDA. For the private parking she would have to check the guidelines on how much they can charge. She said that if any complaint in this regard was brought to her notice then should  initiate immediate action.