BJP Rajya Sabha MP for development of Mussoorie

BJP MP anil baluni mussoorie development

Ajay Ramola



Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) Mussoorie tried to reach out to the intelligentsia through their Rajya Sabha MP and national Spokesperson Anil Baluni, with an objective to highlight the works done by BJP government in the centre and the state through an Intelligentsia conference held at hotel in Mussoorie on Friday.

MLA Mussoorie Ganesh Joshi welcomed the Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni by presenting a bouquet of flower. Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni who was delayed in the conference on being caught in the traffic Jam, that has become synonymous with Mussoorie said that it is indeed a cause of concern for the towns such as Mussoorie and Nainital and if negative message goes because of the inadequate facilities then it would impact tourism adversely.

MLA Ganesh Joshi raised the issue of inadequate drinking water supply in Mussoorie and urged the MP to take up the issue prominently and initiate a water pumping scheme for the town before it faces similar problem as being faced by the residents of Shimla.

Baluni assured that he would raise the issue with DM Dehradun and try to provide drinking water through any possible means. He said that the inadequate water supply to the town was  a cause of concern and he said that it is indeed surprising that the town is running on the water infrastructure that was created by British. He assured the people that he would talk to DM in this regard on Saturday and within 30 days some forward movement will be visible. Anil Baluni said that he was against VIP culture and presenting of flower bouquets etc and would accept such honour only if he is able to resolve the water problem of Mussoorie.

The President of Uttarakhand Hotel and Restaurant Association Sandeep Sahni presented a memorandum to Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni demanding Mussoorie be included in the All-Weather road project as it was doorway to the two major shrines under Chardham in the state and to declare Mussoorie as Smart Hill station similar to the Smart city concept to upgrade the infrastructure of the town that was crumbling with every passing day.

Later the conference took a political turn with Anil Baluni  lambasted the Congress president  Rahul Gandhi and said that the Congress president was not a leader but a misleader as he himself does not have idea of what he was speaking and that is why he was  misleading people with false remarks. He said that Rahul Gandhi by giving adverse remarks against the Indian Army was trying to demoralize the Army and on the other hand the comments of the congress leaders namely Gulam Nabi Azaad and Saifudin Souz against the Indian Army and the immediate support by LET showed the connection between the two. He demanded an apology to the nation from both congress leaders.

Baluni said that the people had faith in what PM Narendra Modi was doing and the prime example of it is that the people of the state have welcomed the construction of ALL weather road in the state. He said that the intentions of the Prime minister was to take country on the path of development. He reiterated his claims that BJP would win all Parliament seats of Uttarakhand in next general elections.

However, the intelligentsia that had gathered to interact with the Rajya Sabha MP was slightly miffed at not getting a chance to interact through an open forum with Baluni. They were of the view that the objective of the program was that the Invited guest would interact with the people and note down the suggestions given to him about the development of Mussoorie.

Kushal Rana BJP general Secretary Mussoorie coordinated the proceedings while BJP president Mohan Petwal presented a vote of thanks. Former Municipal Council president O.P. Uniyal also expressed his views on the occasion and demanded to provide relief to the citizens of the town from problem of traffic jam and shortage of water. Mussoorie traders association President Rajat Aggarwal, Aggarwal Mahasabha official Dhan Prakash Aggarwal, BJP leaders Madan Mohan Sharma and others were present on the occasion.