Uttarkashi district Hospital to go high tech

uttarkashi district hospital high tech

eNewsDesk Bureau


District Magistrate Dr Ashish Chauhan in order mitigate the problem of patients trying to reach the doctors at the base hospital Uttarkashi has begun the exercise of using the modern technology and reduce the overcrowding witnessed here. He directed the officials to establish a system using technology soon.

District Magistrate Dr Chouhan said that the patients now in the District hospital will not have to stand in the crowd and wait for their number. The numbers will be displayed outside the doctors room to provide for their convenience and  the ward and nursing staff rooms will be linked to the nursing display board where the information about the treatment being given to the  patient will be displayed.

He directed CMS and programmers to put a big LED in front of main gate that will show information about the number of patients and the doctors present in the Hospital. He directed to display such information outside the doctor’s room.

The increase in number of patients visiting the district hospital leads to overcrowding with patients have to stand for their turn for long time and the Doctor who is on the OPD has to face the problem and considering all this, the efforts are on to introduce queue management.

Under this the patient will have to register electronically where he or she will be assigned a unique ID and cue number that will be generated for the respective doctor. The patient will have to go to the doctor according to the number in a display which will help in mitigating the problem of long waits by the patients. The wards will also be linked with the system and all the information about the patients will be on display so that the family members of the patient do not have to worry about the ongoing treatment. Dr Chauhan has begun the exercise of providing facility using modern technique. SDM Devendra Singh Negi, District information science officer Ranjit Chauhan, CMS Dr Saklani, Project programmer C.S. Soni and others were present on the occasion.