Innovative traffic management yields positive results for Mussoorie

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The innovative traffic management approach adopted by the Police is yielding some positive results and has brought relief to the residents and tourist alike in Mussoorie.


The mad rush of tourists on weekends and the traffic jam at the entry point at the Picture Palace (Shaheed  Bhagat Chowk) Municipal Council gate is now minimal due to this innovative approach adopted by Mussoorie Police station Incharge Bhavna Kainthola.


She on assessing the reason behind the traffic jam at the Picture Palace worked out a plan of granting entry to those vehicles that are heading towards the public parking just near the Barrier on the slopes of Golden Palm Hotel. She has permitted the vehicles heading to the parking sites of the Hotels namely Golden Palm, Pearl, Brentwood, Midtown, Drive inn etc.

The Police station Incharge Bhavna Kainthola says that by adopting this plan around 200 cars are now head in straight for parking spaces thus removing this number of cars from standing on the road in wait of entering Mall road.


She said that this measure has been adopted because the parking is just near the Picture Palace gate and if tourists want to park their car here they should be welcomed. This move has begun yielding good result with no more traffic jam scenes being witnessed since this plan was enforced few days back says a shopkeeper near Picture Palace.


However, the bottleneck remain in Mussoorie. The Municipal Board entry barrier at Library Bazaar along with the roundabout at Gandhi Chowk leading to Kempty Fall and spring road still poses a challenge for the police in managing traffic. The vehicles get stuck at number of places while coming to Gandhi Chowk says Bhavna Kainthola of which first being the narrow road just below Padmini Nivas. Similarly there are other bottlenecks namely at the entry and exit gate of MDDA parking at Library taxi stand where the vehicles are stuck whenever any vehicle is entering or exiting from the indoor parking at Library stand thus resulting in disrupting the movement of traffic. The other bottleneck is the Spring road which is narrow and a steep climb making it difficult for the tourist to contemplate the bends of the road and moreover most of the hotels in this road are on the right side which also results in disrupting traffic movement while any vehicles turns to enter the hotel gates. The other bottleneck is the road from Library Building to Vishnu Palace hotel. This patch turns into bottleneck whenever a big yatra bus or tourists bus from Haridwar tries to pass through. The other Bottleneck is the entry barrier at Library Bazaar to Mall road. Here the vehicles must stop to pay the entry fee which takes some time and results in long queues stalling the free movement of the traffic on both sides much to the disgust of the tourists and residents alike.

The other bottleneck is near fire station where the stretch is narrow, and the vehicles are caught while crossing over thus resulting in traffic jam. The Police station incharge Bhavna Kainthola is of the view that till the time these bottlenecks are not removed from the road the traffic problem will persist. She said that otherwise there is no reason for traffic congestion and the vehicles can reach their destination smoothly.


However not everyone is amused by the new traffic approach of the police adopted at Picture Palace and many residents without being named are of the view that it is being done only to benefit few big hotels. One resident said that my house is also near the above-mentioned hotel so under such policy he should also be allowed to park his car in front of home.


The similar demands are also cropping up from the hoteliers at the other end of The Library Bazaar who believe that such approach should be adopted at the Library entry point also  where the traffic congestion is far more than Picture Palace. One resident said that if the cars can be parked at the Hotels near the Mall road similar results can be achieved. However, The Mussoorie Police station incharge has a different take on this and she is of the view that the problem will aggravate as most of the Hotels from Library Entry point towards Ambedkar Chowk do not have their own parking space and most of them will park the vehicles on the Mall Road creating more nuisance.


However there are some who do not buy that idea and are of the view if the barriers are extended right up to B.R. Ambedkar Chowk then the tourist vehicles can be parked in the hotels such as Prince Hotel, India Hotel, Ashok Continental who have their own parkings and it will also lead to decongestion and the lines of tourists at the entry barriers due to delay in payment of entry fee will not pose any problem at Gandhi chowk round about.