Irked by garbage dumping villagers threat road block

villagers Kidduwala raipur garbage dumping protest

Ajay Ramola



The villagers from Kidduwala in Raipur area are irked at the apathy of district administration in its failure to stop the continuous dumping of garbage in front of Durga temple by shopkeepers   have taken the onus on themselves by running a campaign against such activities and keeping vigil to check the dumping of garbage here. The residents alleged that due to the emanating smell from the dumping area passing through the area has become difficult, but no action has been initiated by the administration to stop this illegal activity so far. The villagers are keeping vigil day and night from past 30 days to dissuade the garbage throwers from doing so and the youth and children have also joined them in their campaign.

The whole campaign is being run under the leadership of Khetra Panchayat Anil Khetri who along with Nirmala, Asha Rana, Maya Devi, Urmila, Anita Guddi, Col Yogendra Gurung Ramratan Rawat, Bhim Bhadur etc. The villagers leaving their daily chores turn wise stand at the site to see that no more garbage dumping takes place here.  The villagers said that they have complaint to several authorities, but their pleas have fallen to deaf ears and have requested various NGO’s working in the city to help them out in this difficult phase.  The villagers said that the government talks about Swachh Bharat but when it comes to implementation it fails miserably threatened that if demands of stopping the garbage dumping activity is not met then they would be forced to sit on Dharna and would also block traffic as mark of protest.