Why problems are not tackled as and when they appear?

Sanatan Dharm Inter College mussoorie fire broke

Brig. K.G. Behl (Retd.)

President, All India Consumers Council &

Sanyukta Nagrik Sangathan, Uttarakhand

 It has been observed in many cases that the problems are not tackled as and when they appear and no efforts are made by the officials to solve those till they take an ugly turn and cause lot of unnecessary death and destruction. Generally the practice of giving a long rope is followed so that the problem itself may hang itself and die. But such tactics do not pay where the problem has got a bigger repercussions and involves many people and aspects. The recent strike of  staff  and safai karamchari’s at Dehradun which caused lot of stinking and inconvenience to the people till it was taken to the Chief Minister to solve. The trouble is that officials at lower levels do not wish to interfere and take responsibility and allow it be dragged to higher authorities to decide. There are more such problems hanging around in different departments but it appears there are no grievance cells or they do not have powers to resolve such issues.

The citizens of Dehradun resent and condemn killing of 18 innocent people and  injuring 65 persons in  Thootukudi in Tamilnadu where the peaceful agitation  for closing down of Sterlite Copper Plant, which  a subsidiary of Vedanta operates  was causing lot of pollution which effected the health of the nearby residents. The protestors were demanding that the plant be shut down or some ways and means be found to control the pollution. It is surprising that the peaceful agitation was going on for the last hundred days and Govt. did not take any action to resolve it. When such agitations go out of the hands of the authorities or some unruly elements take control and police is forced to take action which at times takes an ugly shape due to counter reactions and ugly verbal duels.

 It is surprising that the agitation was  allowed for so many days and no action was taken to go to the depth and try to resolve it. It is unfortunate that so many people have died and got injured and now authorities have woken up to think over the action. The citizens of Dehradun condemn the action of  some officials which instigated  the agitation leading to so many deaths.

 Such serious cases should be nipped in the bud before they take up such ugly turns.