Sikh Shrine of Hemkund Sahib opens for pilgrims

Hemkund Sahib opens

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Portals of Hemkund Sahib were opened on Friday. Situated at an altitude of 4329 metres above sea level, Hemkund Sahib attracts large number of Sikh pilgrims from across the country and abroad every year.

The portals were opened at 10 am on Friday amidst presence of large number of pilgrims. Vice-President of Sri Hemkunt Sahib Management Trust Narinderjit Singh Bindra disclosed that snow has been cleared to make way for the pilgrims. He said all arrangements have been done for the smooth conduct of Hemkund yatra this year.

Located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Hemkund Sahib is devoted to Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru and finds mention in Dasam Granth, a work dictated by Guru Sahib. Besides, Char dham shrines, Hemkund Sahib is considered as fifth shrine of Uttarakhand.