ITBP team creates awareness on disaster safety at CST in Mussoorie

mock drill disaster safety ITBP

Ajay Ramola



 Indo Tibetan Boarder Police Academy Mussoorie and The National Institute for Training in search rescue and disaster response team from ITBP created awareness towards  disaster safety through Mock drill at Central School for Tibetans(CST) compound in Mussoorie on Tuesday.

The team educated the students on safety precautions to be taken during earthquake disaster under the guidelines received by the school from the ministry of homes, Govt. of India, through Central Tibetan Schools Administration Delhi.

In recent past, the school also invited the experts of fire safety programme and it was held on 17th of April 2018.

 The programme was inaugurated with the address of the Commanding officers Rana Yaduveer Singh, who in brief, described the aims and objective of the mock drill. He also blessed the students for their future endeavours. The campus vibrated with the slogan of “JAI HIND”. The address was followed by the demonstration by the team which was headed by Inspector Naveen Prasad. About thirty ITBP officials demonstrated every activity in detail.

 Later all the students of the schools were divided in groups where instructors trained the students’ leaders for their practicality and better learning. The efforts of these trainers were hailed by all stakeholders.

Commanding officers Rana Yaduveer Singh, Commanding Officer Academy,  Perminder Singh and Deputy Commandant Sanjeev Ratan, Deputy Commandant SDRF, Ajay Bhatt were the distinguished officers who chaired the function on the occasion. Local dignitaries including former MLA, Jot Singh Gunsola, Deputy President of Cant Board, Mahesh Chandra, Sabhasad Cant area, Pushpa Padiyar also graced the occasion. Executive Engineer CPWD, Hemraj, SHO, Mussoorie, Nautiyal fire safety officer and others were also present on the occasion.

The chief coordinator of the Disaster Management committee of the school, N.C. Pant, PGT, (Geo) thanked the efforts of the commandants and their team. Officiating Principal Asit Katyayan, Officiating Rector Thakchoe Tsering also expressed  their gratitude  to the officials of ITBP. The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. K P Verma. The programme of the day was convened by A.S. Kanderi. Teachers Renu Shukla, Manjeet Singh, B.S. Kathait, S.C. Rauto, S.S. Bailvanshi, Pradeep Kumar, M Prasad, Pankaj Patiyal, Lakhera and students Dechen, Yega, Chokey  were the important participating members for the day.