DM Dehradun calls for public support for ‘Mission Rispana’

Rispana bridge renamed Dayanand Saraswati Bridge
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District Magistrate Dehradun has appealed to the citizens of Doon to support ‘Mission Rispana’ starting from May 19. The rejuvenation mission of Rispana River will begin at the initiative of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat

From May 19 (Saturday) the plantation and cleanliness drive will be carried from the source of river to the confluence, in a single day. District Magistrate Dehradun S.A. Murugeshan informed that the mission will begin with grand plantation programme from the source of the river in which around two lakh saplings of trees will be planted right from Landour Bazaar to Shikhar Fall and at the confluence near Mothorawala where the Rispana and Bindal rivers meet. The plantation drive has been divided into small blocks and each block comprises of 2500 square meter where 250 saplings will be planted in two phases.  On 19 May, holes will be dug in the first phase and saplings will be planted in month of July in second phase. The whole program will be carried out on voluntary basis.

District Magistrate, Dehradun has requested all the citizens of Doon, NGO’s, social organisations and schools to take plantation responsibility of each block. Army through Eco-task force, Police and forest department will be providing their support to the ‘Mission Rispana’. Chief Minister is monitoring the preparations of the Rispana Mission.  He said that the ‘Mission Rispana’ should not be merely a government program, but we should turn it into a mass-based campaign.

District Magistrate said that the Uttarakhand Science  and Education research centre is preparing a 3-D Model of the Rispana river.

Uttarakhand Environment and Pollution Control Board is also following up the work under Mission Rispana. The pollution board in association with the civic bodies is doing blocking of drains so that the dirty water does not flow into the river. The board is also talking to Soft drink companies so that the waste plastic bottles can be disposed of in proper manner.

‘Mission Rispana’ is not a government program but every individual from Doon should contribute in it through voluntary work in this mass public campaign.

District Magistrate,Dehradun said that Rispana river flows across the middle of Dehradun and has a close relation with the city. ‘Mission Rispana’ is one opportunity for the citizens of Dun to bring back the river in it’s original free flowing form. The citizens have neglected the river for a long time, but it is upper region is still providing life-saving water to the city. The Chief Minister has seen a dream of ‘Mission Rispana’ and has kept his commitment of turning Rispana into Rishiparna river once again.  DM said that ‘Mission Rispana’ should be  a partnership between the government and the citizens so that everyone works to rejuvenate Rispana together. It is the need of hour that for a balanced development of the city the Rispana river is rejuvenated.

DM Dehradun said that SCM Dehradun wanted to give the leadership and ownership of ‘Mission Rispana’ to the citizens of Dehradun whether it be joining in form of plantation, clean the River campaign or economically.  The Chief Minsters’ slogan is to ‘Save Rispana’. The people of Dehradun should join with their heart, soul and finances.  He said that this effort would be written in golden letters in the history of Dehradun.  The citizens of Doon  can only imagine what kind of benefit they will do to the city. He said that with plantation the air of the city will become purer, there will be greenery all around, and the underground water level will also increase.  Through, ‘Mission Rispana’ we can make Dehradun a responsible city and take this nature’s souvenir along with them in path of development. He appealed to all to join hands in this historic and courageous work and contribute jointly for each other and pledge to keep the River pollution free.  He said that we appeal to support the mission so that you can tell your future generation that you also played an important role in saving Rispana.