Dr Dhananjay Mohan to be Uttarakhand’s New Chief Wildlife Warden

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eNewsDesk Bureau


A conservationist Indian Forest Service officer Dr Dhananjay Mohan will be taking up as the new chief wildlife warden of Uttarakhand even as incumbent chief wildlife warden D.V.S. Khati retires in June end.

After having spent long years in research in the premier wildlife research body of the country, wildlife institute of India, Dr Mohan is an authority on avian fauna studies. He has been instrumental in promoting youngsters take to bird watching.

Dr Mohan assumes offices at a time when Uttarakhand is facing worst form of man animal conflict. Human causalities have grown manifold in last several years in such conflicts. The rising pressure on development is also taking its toll on conservation and maintaining a balance between conservation and development stands as a big challenge.

As state anti-poaching cell head, Dr Dhananjaya Mohan has been worked with utmost sincerity and was even instrumental in ensuring busting of online racket of wild animal products, a first case in the state. A Doonite, Dr Mohan has been working for conservation of Asan wetland, an important bird area of the country for long. He has also come up with a thorough check list of birds in Uttarakhand, which is a very important document for wildlife enthusiasts.