Rajaji keeps vast tiger potential

Rajaji National Park tiger potential

eNewsDesk Bureau


Rajaji tiger reserve in Uttarakhand has still a vast tiger potential. Presently there are thirty four tigers in Rajaji as per the last census report but it has a capacity to accommodate maximum of fifty adult tigers.

Dr Bivash Pandav, a known tiger expert at Wildlife Institute of India asserts that Rajaji tiger reserve still a long way to go for Rajaji to reach its full tiger potential. He said there was still big tracts of forests within Rajaji that have little tigers. “Take for example, the case of vast western sector that houses just two female tigers and where tiger relocation programme is proposed”, he argued. He disclosed that as per a crude estimate, Rajaji tiger reserve can accommodate fifty tigers very easily.

“Apart from good protection, even prey base at the Rajaji tiger reserve is excellent with Sambhars, Wild pigs and Cheetals also in good numbers. The trio is excellent feed for tigers”,  Bivash Pandav pointed out. He said the reserve also provide excellent breeding ground due to its undisturbed grasslands.

He said the only biggest challenge now before Rajaji authorities is the connectivity.  They need to connect the eastern and western sectors of the park. He informed that for last more than a decade there has been no tiger movement between the two sectors and the western sector today stands isolated with just two female tigers.

He said the tiger relocation programme would certainly a long way in strengthening the tiger conservation in the Rajaji Tiger Reserve.