Corbett rest houses to cost more

corbett rest houses price

Jai Kumar


DEHRADUN, April 21, 2018

Taking competitive rates into account, Corbett authorities have proposed a rise in the tariff of forest rest houses in the park.

As per the proposal, which is now with the state government for the passage, now, a tourist who wishes to make a night stay at Dikala, will have to pay Rs 4800 per person for first 24 hours, which will be followed by a tariff of Rs 7000 per person for next 24 hours and subsequently Rs 9000 for the third day.

Further in the tourist zone of Bijrani, for the first 24 hours, a tourist will have to pay Rs 3800 while for the next day the charge will increase to Rs 5500 and for the third day, a tourist will have to pay Rs 7500. For Jhirna tourist zone, first 24 hours charge has been increased to Rs 3000 followed by Rs 6000 and Rs 7500 for the subsequent third day. Similarly rates for forest rest houses in other tourist zones like Dhela, Durga Devi and others have also increased.

Tourists attraction towards Corbett known for high presence of tigers have increased manifold in recent years. People in large numbers from metro cities have been coming to Corbett, who want to spent some time in solitude. The tourists flow in particular increases during the time of New Year, when almost all forest rest houses in Corbett are packed to capacity. Most of the forest rest houses at Corbett are quite old but still a large number of tourists prefer staying in these rest houses rather than taking accommodations in hotels and resorts outside Corbett.