DM Chamoli reviews Char Dham Yatra preprations

DM Chamoli reviewed char dham yatra

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CHAMOLI, April 15

DM Chamoli Ashish Joshi reviewing the preparation for the Char Dham Yatra inspecting the Badrinath shrine area and the Yatra route physically along with the other officials and directed them to complete all the works till April 22. He said that any negligence in the works linked with Yatra will not be tolerated at any cost.

Speaking during the meeting held at Badrinath Nagar Panchayat auditorium on Sunday he directed the officials to repair all the roads and complete the arrangements related to health, drinking water, electricity, food and storage, cleanliness, toilets etc before the start of Yatra season.

He directed the officials to deploy manpower and machines on 37 sensitive zones on Yatra route from Gauchar to Mana. He said that the machines should be deployed near the landslide areas so that the work can begin to clear the debris immediately in case of the closure of the road. He directed the CMO to ensure adequate supply of necessary medicines at all CHC and PHC’s taking cognizance of the electricity problem in the previous yatra season he directed the power department  to ensure that all arrangements are done this year without any laxity.

He directed the UREDA department to be ready in case of power failure and make necessary arrangements. He directed the power department to provide High Mask light connection at Bus station and near temple premises. He directed the Jal Sansthan to provide adequate supply of water to all stand posts and to initiate action on installing hand pump  at Ekadashi and Police line. He directed the food supply officials to ensure 3 month storage of adequate food, ration, diesel, petrol and domestic gas. He directed the police to make adequate arrangement for smooth traffic management.

He directed the executive officer to ensure that the tariff rate list is pasted on each hotel and to check it on regular basis. He directed Nagar Panchayat to place adequate dustbins and start a campaign to ensure cleanliness is maintained. He also said that the persons caught strewing garbage should be fined by the officials. He aired his dissatisfaction at the unhygienic conditions near Mana village and directed the Zila Panchayat to carry out special cleanliness drive and make the people aware towards cleanliness.

He directed the BDO to coordinate with BKTC and provide good hygienic and traditional food to the pilgrims through Self Help groups. He directed the officials to ensure that the toilets on Yatra route are kept clean.  He directed the NH and BRO to complete all the works at Pinola, Govid ghat, Lambagad by April 22. He also directed the officials to repair the slope at Lambagad and remove the loose boulders. He showed his displeasure at the mud laid on the road at Lambagad and directed the officials  to lay down RBM instead so that there is no problem during rainy spells. SP Tripti Bhatt said that the chances of Yatra route being disrupted were emote this year so additional machines and manpower should be deployed at sensitive zones. She said that a local police station will be established by April 18 and the vehicles will be prohibited to move in the night period. She said that 6 SDRF teams will be deployed during the Yatra season. Nagar Panchayat president Arvind Sharma, BKTC chief officer BD Singh, ADM Ila Giri, SDM Yogendra Singh, CO police Harbansh Singh, CMO Dr Bhagirathi Jangpangi and other officials were present on the occasion.