Allotment of shops at Jhoola ghar as per entitlement- Mussoorie Trader’s Association President

mussoorie trader's association president jhoola ghar shops

Ajay Ramola



The Mussoorie Traders Association president and senior congress leader Rajat Agarwal speaking during a press conference held at Hotel in Mussoorie on Tuesday said that the newly constructed shops at Jhoola Ghar have been distributed without any public notification and in arbitrary manner by resident Municipal board Manmohan Singh Mall.

He said that on April 6th Manmohan Singh Mall, the president Municipal Board announced the allotment of the newly constructed 17 shops at Jhoola Ghar to the people without any notification despite the fact that the construction work at multipurpose Jhoola Ghar is yet to be completed and had too when the shops have not been transferred to Municipal board by the MDDA yet. He said that the actual person who were allotted the shops and their names are indicated in the original DPR of the new construction conducted here have been left out and others have been given the shops in their place which had no legal basis.

He said it is also a betrayal of trust to those who were allotted the shops in first place. He alleged that several names from the original list of the people allotted the shops are missing including that of Amit Gupta resident of Picture Palace Mussoorie. He said that the shops should have been given as per the original entitlement, but the rules were bended to benefit some near and dear ones. He said that the trader’s association demanded an enquiry in the matter so that the shops here can be allotted to the rightful persons as per the guidelines. He also demanded from the administration to complete the work at Jhoola Ghar according to the DPR before the start of tourist season in Mussoorie. The officials from  traders and distribution association were present on the occasion.