Congress and BJP aspirants apply for symbols

Congress and BJP

Prachi Raturi



Two dozen. That is the number of total aspirants for the seat of president for the upcoming Municipal Council elections.

Interestingly, though the dates are yet to be finalised, the aspirants don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Twelve people from Congress and 11 from BJP have applied for the respective party symbols.

While Congress has some expected names like the current president Manmohan Singh Mall, Satish Dhaundiyal, Anuj Gupta, Jasbir Kaur, Megh Singh Kandari and Rajat Aggarwal, there are also others like Nand Lal Soankar, Ramesh Bhandari, Vinod Semwal, Pooran Raunchela, Subhashini Bartwal and Bharosi Rawat.

BJP which also has 12 aspirants to get the lotus symbol has names like O.P. Uniyal, Mohan Petwal, Dharmpal Panwar, Vijay Ramola, Vijender Bhandari and Manoj Rengwal. What is interesting is that as many women aspirants as men. Meera Kaintura Saklani, Anita Saxena, Pushpa Padiyar, Shashi Rawat, Narmada Negi and Sarojini Kaintura are in the fray.

What needs to be seen is how the sifting process progresses.

What is interesting about this Municipal Council Election in Mussoorie is the fact that the groundwork is already being done by the serious contenders. While an old hand at politics has been making his rounds and making sure he is seen participating in most things important in the town, another one has been using social media to ask pertinent questions about the problems of the hill town. Some ladies meanwhile have been doing their bit of showing sudden concern for a section of women that usually don’t exists for them.

Who has played their parts to the hilt and who has won the hearts of people, only time will tell. But what is promised is an interesting election, entertaining to the hilt. Be it the kind of promises made or the songs used for canvassing!