The Buransh Mahotsav’18 is back

Buransh Mahotsav'18

Jai Kumar



The annual art and culture festival The Buransh Mahotsav’18 is back with its 4th edition. The festival will take place this year from 6th April to the 11th of April 2018 at The Buransh Retreat Kausani. This year theme is “Celebrating the Himalayan Culture”

Buransh festival this year will focus  on activities to highlight the culture and natural heritage of Kumaon and specifically, Kausani. Threesh Kapoor, curator of The Buransh Mahotsav shares “The festival will explore the natural heritage of Kausani with a small trek to Bajinath temple and bird watching”.

Kausani is a very spiritual place with various ashrams like the Laxmi Ashram, Sumitra Nandan Pant Museum, Sarla Behn Museum, and the Annami Ashram. Crated guided walks will take place to explore this fascinating aspect of history and soak the visitors in some spirituality”.

In addition to the six  day event, a photography exhibition of renowned photographers of Uttarakhand and handicraft from Uttarakhand, will be exhibited. Evenings will be utilized for talks and slide shops. To conclude the event meaningfully we would be conducting a brainstorming session on eco-friendly architecture for the region and sustainable tourism, involving experts and stakeholders.

To make it truly participatory school students and various stakeholders will be involved in the five-day event conducted at various locations in Kausani including the Forest Rest House and the town park.

 A team of internationally famous chef under the guidance of Prof Pushpesh Pant from JNU New Delhi will be demonstrating live the preparation of Pahari food. Painting workshop will be conducted by Anjali Thapa from Dehradun. There will also be star gazing workshop at the stargate studio and movie screening of local directors.