Water deficit Mussoorie waiting for new schemes

water scarcity mussoorie jal sansthan

Prachi Raturi



Barely have the summers shown signs of springing that water troubles have already begun to haunt Mussoorie. Areas like Landour, parts of Kulri and Husain Gunj are already feeling the sparse water heat.

A glaring sign of trouble showed up Monday when the Fire Department broke into a cold sweat after the news of a fire in a house in Happy Valley area broke out.

They had all the equipment alright, what they didn’t have and was most crucial was enough water.

Like fire department head, Mussoorie, Brij Mohan Nautiyal points out, “It was a troublesome situation as we had not received water for the past eight days. There were only three mini tanks that were filled. Thankfully we got help with about eight more tankers from the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Adminisration. It was a very tough situation no doubt” he confesses.

Though the water supply has now been restored the worrying situation that remains, says Nautiyal is the simple fact that water deficit that Mussoorie is, the incident might repeat itself again. “Thankfully all the occupants of the house were away and all their things were charred. Can you imagine what would have happened if they were there and we had no water?” he asks.

Sadly there is little that the Jal Sansthan seems to be capable of doing in the present times.

Like T.S. Rawat, assistant Engineer, Jal Sansthan Mussoorie says rather honestly, “Everybody knows how little rainfall we got this winter. With Mussoorie mostly depending on brooklets and springs, this summer will definitely be a challenge” he confesses.

While Mussoorie’s peak demand is 14.5 MLD, the supply is only 7.67 MLD. “How you think we will meet the deficit without any new water schemes”, he asks

Anyone who has answers?