Mussoorie Police prohibits vehicular movement on Mall Road

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Ajay Ramola



Mussoorie Police, acting in wake of the motor cycle accident case where a senior citizen was hit badly, recently, stopped the entry of vehicles on Mall Road, completely, during the prohibited period on Tuesday.  The traffic to be diverted through Camel’s Back Road from Wednesday.

The entry of vehicles is banned inside Mall Road between the period of 5.30 pm and 10.30 pm on daily basis but it was seen that most of the people without bothering about the guidelines entered on their vehicles during the prohibitive hours. The speeding motor cycles had become an order of the day and on certain occasions resulting in accidents, injuring senior citizens who strolled on the Mall road on foot.

The residents of the town had met the Mussoorie Police Station Incharge Bhavna Kainthola on Monday and demanded control over such vehicles plying on Mall Road. The police showing strictness stopped the vehicles below the Police station at Jhula Ghar and released only after a stern warning that the mistake should not be repeated. Police station Incharge Bhavna Kainthola said that the vehicles that were plying on Mall road were stopped from doing so and let off with a stern warning of not repeating the offence again. She said on the first day we are warning people but from now onwards no vehicular movement would be allowed on Mall road between 5.15 pm to 10.30 pm. Under new arrangements during the prohibited period the alternate route Camel’s back road would be thrown open for the tourist and local resident alike for vehicular movement. The barriers will be placed at Ambedkar chowk and Green chowk on both sides of the Mall Road so that the vehicles are diverted towards Camel’s Back Road. Bhavna Kainthola said that the trader association president has been informed that no trader should be found parking their vehicles on Mall road in front their shops and should take them elsewhere otherwise punitive action would be taken and fine imposed. Bhavna Kainthola said that for the people still interested in using their vehicles, for them the Camel’s Back Road will remain open during the prohibitive hours.