Tibetans protest in Mussoorie


Prachi Raturi



Black flags in hand, a somber look on their faces, scores of Tibetans walked the streets of Mussoorie, just like they did everywhere else in the world. Raising slogans calling for an end to the Chinese occupation the Tibetans living in exile in Mussoorie took out a rally to mark the 60th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising.

The rally which started from happy valley, passed through Mall Road went on to Badoni Chowk and then back to Happy valley. Politicians and social activists also joined in to show support for the community as they gathered at the happy valley CST school.

Talking to eNewsDesk, Tibetan Women association former president Kalsang Dolma said, “We have always led a peaceful struggle for their homeland and it is time that the international community takes note of the plight of Tibetans reeling under the Chinese high-handedness”. She further said that the continued repression of Tibetans by the Chinese authorities is a matter of concern, as are the efforts to obliterate the Tibetan cultural influences.

March 10 anniversary, has over the years become symbolic for the Tibetans to inform their community developments, policies, course of action and future plan regarding the Tibet issue.

 Tashi Dolma , another protestor added, “We are not the only ones feeling the pain as even Tibetans inside Tibet are showing that they will not be controlled by Beijing and they will not  tolerate the repression they have been facing for the past six decades.”

 Over 157 Tibetans which includes monks, nuns, teenaged students, mothers with children have sacrificed their lives for a free Tibet.

Lobsang Chopel added, “Tibetans are risking everything to ensure their message is heard and acted upon by the outside world. From every corner of the globe, no matter how small the gathering, we must respond in solidarity by standing up for Tibet.”