Starting a fire of change on the wall

graffiti mussoorie angaar DIT KEEN

Prachi Raturi



When the daylight was not enough, the headlights of the bikes lit up the walls helping them go on with their mission.

For 40 enthusiasts from the youth group Angaar with DIT‘s Stambh Group made graffiti on a wall in Mussoorie on Sunday. The Municipal Council gave the permission for the artwork which is being praised by many.

The work which began at 7.30 in the morning went on till about eight at night.

The graffiti not just shows glimpses of the hill town but also the culture of Uttarakhand.

Formed in January, the youth group, Angaar is quietly but surely working on several issues in the hill town. With emphasis on areas like maintenance of the town, sanitation and a later stage education and employment opportunities, the group wants to be a change maker.

The group with the motto of “No politics, just work” had also held a cleanup drive on Camel’s Back Road area in association with KEEN (an NGO associated with garbage management in the hill town) in February and collected 300 kgs of waste.

“What does it take to change things? Stop cribbing and get going. That is what we are trying to do” says Rajat Sharma, one of the founding members.

With the three enthusiasts Vipin Gunsola, Sudhanshu Rawat and Rajat Sharma, a whatsapp group of 50 and over 500 members on facebook, Angaar is showing what it takes to take positive steps in the right direction!