The women are making their mark on the society in a big way says Colleen Gantzer

Travel writer Colleen Gantzer women's day

Ajay Ramola



Colleen Gantzer, the eminent award winning travel writer and resident of Mussoorie wishing all on the International Women’s Day said that it is indeed a day to cherish for all women and take stock on the progress women have made since Independence.

Colleen is of the view that women have made their mark in the society and are coming up in the society in a big way.  “I would think the women are certainly coming up and it can be gauzed by the fact that a Barber just got married to a girl in Mumbai who is an accountant in some office and not doing menial jobs”, said Colleen Gantzer.

She said that today women from all communities are going out for work but during her younger days women from mostly Anglo-Indian and Parsi origin were working in offices but today the women from all communities are working in offices and reason for that is more women are getting educated and becoming assertive of what they want from life.

“My maid’s daughter aspires to become a doctor and such views are really encouraging which shows that parents are educating their daughters which is indeed a positive sign for women in the country”, said Colleen.

Colleen Gantzer was of the view that women have proved that if  opportunity is given they can achieve anything in life. the problem like infanticide etc are going down which is a good sign.

She said that the women should not be confined to back benches and there should be gender equality and it is seen that the nation with women leaders have made great progress thus proving that women are no less than men in any field.

Colleen Gantzer along with her Husband Hugh Gantzer were part of a travel series Looking Beyond With Hugh and Colleen Gantzer on Doordarshan. They have jointly written number of travel books and fiction over the years. She presently resides in Mussoorie.