“Women bring more sensitivity, sincerity and hard work to any work”

Radha Raturi IAS women's day

Prachi Raturi



Soft spoken and articulate, there is something about her that sets her apart. Chief Electoral Officer of Uttarakhand, Radha Raturi is well known to be an astute officer. A 1988 batch Indian Administrative Service officer from Uttaranchal cadre, Ms Raturi has held several prestigious positions.

Radha Raturi spoke to eNewsDesk. Excerpts of the interview.

What according to you does a woman bring to any workplace?

My view is that every professional brings the best to their jobs. That said, women are more sensitive and better listeners. To my mind women bring more sensitivity, sincerity and hard work to any workplace. They give a more humane face to any workplace.

Has being a woman made your work more challenging?

I would not say that. In fact if anything it has only helped me. For example in a lot of situations I have had to deal with women. Thanks to being one myself, women have found that comfort in talking to me.

How do you balance work and family?

 If one prioritises well, there is no conflict. One just has to focus well at both fronts.

What is your message for women of Uttarakhand?

Please let your daughters be born, let them get the correct medical attention (infant mortality rates for girls are much higher), let them get an equal opportunity to study and grow like the boys. Give them a level playing field!