Women need to work for gender parity says Meera Saklani social activist

Meera Saklani women's day mussorie social activist

Ajay Ramola



Meera Saklani, member of NGO Garhwal Vikas Kendra and BJP state working committee is of the view that the condition of women will not change until and unless the problem of discrimination against women is not addressed effectively and for that women should pledge to work towards achieving Gender parity, collectively.

She said that the  literacy rate among women has increased in the state and women have begun entering the professional fields, but they are still not treated on equal terms in the society. She said that it is unfortunate that need for slogans such as “Beti Padao Beti Bachao” are needed in 21st century.

The ordeal of the women starts with her birth where she has to come across the practice of female infanticide, poor health conditions and discrimination in quality education in both urban and rural societies. She said that the patriarchal ideology of home being women’s real place and marriage being ultimate destiny has not changed yet and women are still treated as unequal to men which is a roadblock in their progress.

She said that to be treated on equal basis women must be empowered economically and that will happen when they are considered as another fellow human and not object of possession.

The patriarchal society wants women to play role of good wife and expects women to cook food for the family and remain hungry herself thus leading to malnutrition and their health being compromised at every level. The struggle for the rural women of the hills is much more challenging as they must get up early morning to fetch fodder and work at fields apart from cooking for the family added Saklani.

She said that on Women’s International day we should focus on changing the mindset of men.