Municipal Board president releases booklet highlighting achievement of the board

Manmohan Mall release booklet mussoorie

Ajay Ramola



Following the board meeting the Municipal board president along with the elected ward members released a booklet highlighting the achievements and the development works done in past five years.

Municipal Board president Manmohan Singh Mall said that board had embarked on several developmental works namely construction of town hall, rebuilding of Clock tower, construction of Ambedkar chowk, installation of the busts of eminent poet Chandra Kunwar Barthwal, Pandit Deen Dayaal Upadhyaya, Parking facility at Kingcraig, beautification and widening of   Library, reconstruction of the shops at Jhoola Ghar, beautification of Bhadraj temple etc. He said that the board has been successful in carrying out several developmental works in the larger interest of the town during his five years term which is going to end this year.