Poor post mortem facilities cause hardships for tourists

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eNewsDesk Bureau


It is a known fact that the town of Mussoorie is ill-equipped in terms of health facilities and this causes lot of hardships for residents and tourists. But, unfortunate as it may seem, it was also proved on Monday that people do not even get proper postmortem facilities here!

In a tragic incident, a 46 years old male tourist who was staying at a hotel in Mussoorie died after suffering a heart attack on Monday. The police after taking the body in its possession sent it for post mortem to the designated place near in Landour.

However, the residents and tourist accompanying the deceased were in for a shock when they were informed that the post mortem unit here did not have water nor electricity!

This caused a delay for several hours, which was quite agonizing for the family of the deceased visitor. And finally there was some relief for the family when Municipal Board Chairman Manmohan Singh Mall and Mussoorie congress president Satish Dhaundiyal reached the site and arranged several 5 liters mineral water bottle after which the post mortem could be conducted.

This has evoked sharp response from local residents who believe that lack of even the most basic facilities did not augur well for the well-being of local residents and for the promotion of tourism in the town.

Dhaundiyal said that it was unfortunate that the government was unable to provide electricity and water for post mortem even and  that to in the tourist town of Mussoorie that witnesses accidents and other such incidents where post mortem becomes necessary regularly.

Sandeep Sahni, the president Uttarakhand Hotel association said that the government should ensure that such basic  facilities such as post mortem  are available all the time so that tourist do not form an adverse image of the town and the state.

When eNewsDesk contacted the medical superintendent of St Mary’s Hospital Dr. VK Nautiyal he told that the proposal to upgrade the post mortem unit was sent earlier and following that the engineers have inspected the area and would be upgrading all the facilities within this month so that there is no problem in conducting post mortem.

He informed that the lone employee assigned with the task of conducting post mortem would be retiring in month of July this year and a request to appoint another one on his retirement has been placed to the higher officials already to avoid any inconvenience.

It is hoped that the state government also takes a serious note of this incident.

It must be mentioned that the deceased has been identified as Jignesh Bhai s/o of Jaggu Bhai Desai resident of Naadiad Gujrat. He had arrived at Mussoorie on 3rd of March with his other 16 friends and booked a room at hotel, situated near Spring road, on the same day.

According to the police Jignesh Bhai suffered a heart attack on Sunday night and was rushed to the St Mary’s Hospital around 6.00 am on Monday, where the doctors pronounced him dead.