Maggi points from Doon to Mussoorie being scrutanised

oppose shacks dehradun mussoorie

Prachi Raturi



Looks like the Lovers could say their byes to their secret rendezvous at the many Maggi points and shacks between Dehradoon and Mussoorie.

The several snack joints that have mushroomed in the past couple of years have however become more than just snack joints. Little surprise about 150 are currently under scanner following the instructions of none other than Dilip Jawalkar , the Commissioner of Garhwal.

Under his directions, a six-member committee has been formed to inspect these shacks. An inspection on Friday helped identify about 150 such shacks from Kothal gate in Dehradun to Library and Picture Palace in Mussoorie.

Several joints, as the notice of the Commissioner observes, “have been made temporarily without the necessary permissions. Not only do these obstruct traffic but also their garbage disposal is polluting the environment. One also can’t deny the possibility of unwanted activities.”

The committee with Adm Sr, SDM Mussoorie, DFO, PWD, Mussoorie Dehradun Development Activity (MDDA) and municipal Council representatives has also been asked to observe if the joints have ever been served notices in case of irregularities, have the required permissions, if they are following environmental laws and have waste collection and parking facilities.

Speaking to eNewsDesk SDM Meenakshi Patwal said, “A report shall soon be given to the commissioner. It is a good move and one hopes things move in the right direction soon.”

S.S. Rawat, Assistant Engineer MDDA  said, “It is a move that was long awaited. But thanks to the issue of employment and other things, the process could be complicated.”