DM walks on foot in Rishiparna river for inspection

rishiparana river DM inspection

Jai Kumar



Further the chief minister’s initative towards revival of Rishiparna river formerly known as Rispana river, Dehradun district magistrate S.A. Murugeshan on Saturday held inspections of the river in distress.

District magistrate alongwith his team travelled a distance of thirty kms. from Shikar falls uptill Daurwala to take stock of the condition of the river. He almost covered a five kms. distance between Shikar falls and Kathbangla on foot. District magistrate directed the irrigation department, Jal nigam, Jal Sansthan, MDDA, Municipal corporation and Eco task force officials to compulsorily make available within three days, the proposal of their respective departments linked to Rishiparna river revival programme.

He apprised that the entire river stretch in Dehradun has been divided into fourteen sectors in order to ensure that revival strategy is full proof and upto the mark.

The stretches will include Shikhar fall Makrait stretch, Makrait Tapobhumi ashram stretch, Tapobhumi ashram Kathbangla stretch, Kathbangla Dhauran stretch, Dhauran Balasundari stretch, Balasundari Kandoli stretch,Kandoli Adhoiwala stretch,Adhoiwala Nalapani stretch, Nalapani MDDA colony stretch, further going down uptill Nariniketan Kedarpuran-Daurwala strtech, which is the last sector.