Raiwala leopard finally captured

leopard raiwala captured

Jai Kumar



In a major success, forest authorities managed to capture the leopard that had wreaked havoc in the Raiwala area of Dehradun.

Forest officials came across the erring leopard during early morning hours. The successfully tranquilized the leopard and caged the beast. The leopard was found to be around six years of age and was in movement in the forest colony area of Raiwala for quite some time. Raiwala region that is surrounded by thick forests has seen a rise in man animal conflict incidents in the recent times. While incidents of leopard attacking humans have been quite common, even happenings of elephants raiding houses and crops are a common occurrence here.

Man animal conflict has been a big challenge in Uttarakhand with over six hundred persons losing their lives to wildlife since formation of the state. Nearly two thousand have been injured in the same period. Wildlife attacking humans particularly leopards and elephants have become quite common. Besides, human causality, wildlife raiding crops and killing the livestock has also become a regular feature in the state, which has also led to increasing animosity between wildlife and humans.