Badrinath Shrine’s portal to open on April 30

Central grants Badrinath shrine prasad yojna

By eNewsDesk  Bureau


The hallowed portals of Central Himalayan Hindu Shrine of Badrinath will open on April 30 at 4.30 am.

As per the traditions, the date of opening of Badrinath temple was decided at a meeting of senior priests, dharmadhikaris and other temple committee officials.  Maharaja Manujendra Shah presided over the meeting that annually takes place on Basant Panchmi day at the Narendra Nagar Tehri Maharaja Place.

Now the date of opening of Kedarnath temple will be decided on Mahashivratri.  Tehri MP Mala Rajya Laxmi Shah, Badrinath Kedarnath Temple Committee President Ganesh Godiyal, Dharmadhikari Bhuwan Uniyal and other priests were present on the occasion.

The last year Badrinath temple’s portals opened on May 6 and closed on Nov 19.