Road to nowhere

mullingar road landour cantt board mussoorie

Prachi Raturi



A road in Landour is playing havoc in the life of the residents here. The road which was last made about 15 years ago is currently being re-laid. However, a few residents raised a question on the road’s reconstruction at a board meeting on Tuesday saying  it was “futile to spend Rs 17.5 lakh on the reconstruction and instead the road could do with some minor repairs.” Following the objection, Major General G.S. Yadav of the Landour Cantt Board  ordered the reconstruction to be stopped to relook at the matter.  Meanwhile, the road lies currently dug up causing major inconvenience to residents as only two-wheelers are able to ply on the dug-up stretches.

In fact the vice president of the Cantt Board Mahesh Chandra is also surprised at the objection of the relaying of the road between Hawa Ghar and Mullingar area of Landour. “I wouldn’t understand why anybody would object to the roads getting better. Every work in the Cantt Board follows a procedure and the same was followed for the Landour Road. First the ward head wrote to the Cantt Board for the need to relay it, and then the junior engineer inspected the road. It was only after the Cantt Board agreed to the need to relay the road that the work was started. The road had become accident prone because of wear and tear and we definitely want the work to begin soon. Also this time is crucial as most schools are closed and it is low season. It is relatively easier to work on it now than any other time.”

CEO Cantt Board Jakir Hussain told eNewsDesk  that the entire objection is politically motivated. “I have myself seen the condition of the road. It is broken at several places and badly worn out at some. We definitely need it to be re-laid and the drains to be repaired.”

Little surprise then the residents of the area are doing their bit to push for the road which would have also meant repair of the nallas and shifting of the electric poles. Nikhil Aggarwal, a resident of the area in a letter dated January 9, signed by 23 residents of the area which he has submitted to the Cantt Board says, “The road definitely needs to be re-laid. Over the years the traffic to Landour has gone up manifold this has resulted in the road losing its grip. We have been seeing a number of two wheelers skid on the road injuring the riders. The road definitely needs to be re-laid.”

Javed Akhtar, a third generation tailor in the area says, “Agreed the road is not broken but everywhere but the fact remains that it has worn out so much that it is almost as smooth as marble in some parts. Only yesterday I saw a scooty with two girls on it skid on the steep road down. In fact everyday at least one two wheeler skids on the road. Repairs only would not solve the problem.”