Another leopard day in Dehradun

leopard dehradun

Jai Kumar



It was another leopard day in Uttarakhand’s capital Dehradun. Once again a leopard attack a youth in the capital city and fortunately this time wildlife authorities managed to nab it.

It all started during 7 am on Wednesday. Victim Sumit was in for a shock as he entered his bathroom in Sumapuri during morning hours. Leopard pounced upon him, injuring him before making an escape. He was rushed to Doon hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, forest officials alongwith tranquilised guns rushed to the scene. Through the day, they were after the leopard who hopped from one residence to another. It was finally at Mittal wedding point, that the leopard was spotted in the kitchen. The forest authorities then managed to tranquilise the leopard and subsequently cage him.

Leopard menace has become a big challenge in Dehradun in recent times. The situation had worsened. Only some years back, a girl was killed by a leopard inside FRI campus. The Dehradun forest officials are finding it hard to curb the leopard menace, which is further escalation each passing day.