U’khand keeps vast potential in bird tourism

Asad Rahmani uttarakhand bird tourism

Jai Kumar



Bombay Natural History Society’s Director Asad Rehmani said Uttarakhand kept vast potential as far as promotion of bird tourism was concerned.

Addressing a training programme of forest officials and villagers in Dehradun, Asad Rehmani said serious efforts needs to be taken towards promotion of bird watching activities in Uttarakhand as the state kept immense bird  potential.

He also held that bird tourism was growing an industry in the country as it was attracting large number of people towards it. He said it not only brings visitors closer to avian life and nature but also is big potential for increasing livelihood opportunities for the people.

Rehmani also held that however there was still lot to be done for promotion of bird tourism as far as global competition is concerned. “We are still to come under top ten countries in the world as far as bird tourism is concerned despite having a rich avian biodiversity”, he added.

Rehmani is credited with a book titled Potential and Existing Ramsar Sites in India which lists 25 existing Ramsar Sites and 136 potential sites.