Ban on media entry in secretariat causes furore

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Jai Kumar



Ban on entry of media into various offices of Uttarakhand secretariat has caused furore both in media and political circles.

While ruling BJP is on a defensive, congress has taken it as an opportunity to attack the state government while media in capital is keenly debating the issue. Uttarakhand a day back issued an order restricting the entry of outsiders directly into government offices at the Secretariat, fearing premature leakage of information.

But both the opposition congress and the media itself have asserted that these outsiders are no one but the media, whose entry has been restricted. Opposition Congress on Friday went on to hold a press conference accusing BJP of being in habit of gagging media.

Former Congress minister Dinesh Agarwal asserted that BJP had taken similar step in Rajasthan where it was in power and was now trying to do the same in Uttarakhand. “How can you ban entry of media into secretariat? Media won’t work on whims and fancies of ruling party”, he asserted.

On other hand, media circles have started debating the issue with majority of media persons pledging to oppose the draconian order tooth and nail. On other hand, state government has maintained a stand that they were not against media but outsiders who unnecessary hinder workings inside the secretariat offices.