With presence of E coli bacteria, Holy Ganga water no more pure

E coli bacteria Ganga

Jai Kumar


DEHRADUN, December 6

For the first time Ganga waters have reported bacteria. E coli bacteria has been found in the water of Tehri dam reservoir. The reservoir water while revealing presence of E coli bacteria has reported 11.31 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit) while ideally it should be less than 5 NTU.

Nephelometric is an instrument for measuring concentration of suspended particles in water. It is mostly the Bhagirathi water coming from Tehri that fills the reservoir and presence of  E coli bacteria  is a matter of concern.

Since ages it has been said that no bacteria can exist in Ganga water and as per mythology that is purely due to religious significance of mother Ganga in Hinduism and if taken scientifically, the water comes after touching roots of herbs and shrubs of higher reaches of Garhwal thus enriching the medicinal quality and bacteria free property of the water. But the reports of presence of E coli bacteria in Ganga water have shocked one and all.

Jal Sansthan authorities assert that with curb on free flow of water due to existence of dam and large scale tourism activities on the reservoir is bound to affect the quality of water and presence of bacteria in water could be a fallout.

Vimal Bhai of Matu Jansanghatan, who has been opposing dams in Uttarakhand for long asserts that if presence of E coli bacteria in Tehri dam reservoir was certainly a cause of concern.  He said big dams have served no purpose but have only destroyed civilization and uprooted the people. He said the presence of bacteria in Tehri dam reservoir must be studied at length.

It is noteworthy that E coli causes intestinal infection which leads to loss of appetite and even vomiting.