363 Indian and 78 Foreign GCs take part in Deputy Commandant’s parade

Deputy Commandant’s parade

Jai Kumar



The Deputy Commandant and Chief Instructor’s (DC & CI) parade was at the historic Chetwode drill square total where 363 Indian and 78 Foreign Gentlemen Cadets displayed enthusiasm, vigour and zeal in the drill movements performed by them.

 Maj Gen J.S. Nehra, Deputy Commandant and Chief Instructor of the Indian Military Academy, reviewed the parade. He complimented the Gentlemen Cadets of the Passing Out Course for a good parade. He mentioned that the efforts of the faculty and the hard work of the GCs were quite evident from the crisp and coordinated movements. He said that he was sanguine that the standards will further improve as we near the final Passing Out Parade on  Dec 09.

 He complimented the Gentlemen Cadets for the hard work put in and for having finally reached the threshold to a world filled with challenges and responsibilities. He said that the GCs have been taught repeatedly to Lead by example’ and the soldiers who would be under their command should look up to them with pride. The duty of the IMA to train the GCs ends hereinafter, after which they will step into their Units and Regiments, who will groom them further and make them responsible and competent leaders.

The event was a success and was witnessed by large number of school children, local citizens and army personnel with their friends and families.