“I am targeting to cross 500 wheelies”-Ankit Bhaskar

Ankit Bhaskar stunt rider world record

Prachi Raturi



At 22 when people are still struggling with career choices, a young boy from Dehradun has made not just Uttarakhand but also the country proud. For Ankit Bhaskar, a stunt rider has set a new world record of doing 326 wheelies at the Buddh International Circuit, last Sunday.

India Book of Records has recognized his work and an entry will be sent to Limca Book of Records as well as Guinness World Records. Bhaskar broke a previous record of 101 wheelies by a Spaniard and a Japanese. In an exclusive interview, he spoke to eNewsDesk about the high and his future plans. Excerpts:

How confident were you of breaking the record?

I didn’t want to break the record? I wanted to set a new one. I was actually targeting 500 but I could only make 326. But I have my eyes set on crossing the 500 wheelies mark.

How long did you train?

I began stunt riding six years back. The wheelies practice however I began only six months back. I had read about the record of 101 wheelies, I wanted to set a new one.

How difficult was the journey?

It was anything but easy. Initially I began with just a few. Even then my head would spin and I felt dizzy. But once I got used to it, I slowly tried outdoing myself.

 What are your future plans?

I want to see stunt riding as a sport in India. We as Team Evolution are doing our best to get that seriousness to the sport and for people to look at it with seriousness.

Does Uttarakhand have a talent for stunt riding?

Yes of course. To begin with Uttarakhandis are brave.

Also there is a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie which is deeply ingrained into us, which goes a long way. Team Evolution for example is a 25 member team and we are closely knit. We have the youngest rider Anirudh Rived, then there is Ayush Rana and Prateek Khatri all of who did very well at the Buddha International Circuit recently. That Lakshya Khanduri is a brilliant mentor only makes it more interesting and challenging.