Golf carts better than E rickshaws say Mussoorie walas

golf carts v e rickshaws

Prachi Raturi



Almost two and a half decades after the hand pulled rickshaws, were stopped on the Mall road of Mussoorie, there is debate brewing on what would be an alternate to the present cycle rickshaws. The cycle rickshaws were introduced in 1990 when Harsh Mander, the then head of Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of National Administration  (LBSNAA) made the efforts to do away with the hand pulled rickshaws. The hand pulled rickshaws were phased out and the present cycle rickshaws introduced slowly.

Now of course there are several cycle rickshaws plying from Jhoola Ghar area till company Garden and back. Saturday however gave birth to a debate on the same.

A trial run of E rickshaws saw officials enjoy a joy ride from Mall Road to Company Garden, Company Garden to Camel’s back road and from Camel’s Back Road back to the Mall road.

Sudhanshu Garg, Official RTO told eNewsDesk, “We did a trial run for
E-rickshaws to see their viability. It went off well and we hope to see E rickshaws running on Mussoorie’s Mall Road.”

The idea added Garg was to give tourists a quick way of getting around the tourist town.

The idea however isn’t as appealing to everyone. Sandeep Sahni, President of State Hotel and Restaurant association (HRAU) has written a letter to the Commissioner suggesting Golf carts as a more viable alternative. “This replacement by e-rickshaws to my mind has not been properly debated. …The Golf carts besides being aesthetically better would also accommodate more passengers,  provide an eco-friendly and effective mode of transport and also help decongest the mall,” he wrote in a letter dated November 22.

Manmohan Singh Mall, president Municipal Council meanwhile has called for a meeting with the cycle rickshaw owners on the 27th of November to get their opinion. Speaking to eNewsDesk he said, “To my mind, Golf Carts will be a far better option in Mussoorie. I recently went to Agra and saw how good golf carts look. E rickshaws on the other hand will only give it a very Saharanpur type feel which is not what we would want for the town. Also Golf carts will make travelling around the town quicker and faster.”

Vijay Pal, President of cycle rickshaw owner’s association meanwhile says, “All we want it something that is quicker than our cycle rickshaws and saves us from the weather.”

Let’s see what the town deserves and gets!