Doctors donate track suits to government school children at get together

doctors distributes tracksuits government school children

Prachi Raturi



Winters are knocking on Mussoorie’s door, like most of Uttarakhand.

And while winters are difficult for most it is especially so for small children who walk long distances from villages to reach their schools on cold winter mornings. A warm act of recent kindness stood out beautifully and eNewsDesk thought it is always special to talk about the positives than what is not right. Don’t we have enough negativity around anyways?

To make their reunion special, the  68 batch-mates of the NSCB, Medical College, Jabalpur, met at their 78 rendezvous, the hill-station of Mussoorie. Among the fun and nostalgia was a special gesture.

 At a very low-key function, 20 students of the Government Primary School at Landour Cantonment, Mussoorie  queued up to receive grey warm tracksuits and woolen blankets donated by the doctors to keep them geared for the winters.

Interestingly, there were no lectures and no speeches. Just a quiet, warm ceremony that showed love and care.

The pre-measured tracksuits and blankets  were obviously special for the little ones, their smiles showing as much. ‘It is so soft and I am excited to wear it”, Pooja Rawat, a seven year old said.

Principal, Mohammad Tasleen said, ‘These generous doctors have lived up to their motto ‘reunite, relive and rejuvenate, which these students will remember and hopefully pass on in their life.”