Now no weeklong stay for tourists at Corbett

corbett national park weeklong stay

Jai Kumar



Now no more weeklong stay for tourists at tiger famous Corbett National Park  courtesy new rule at Corbett.

As Corbett National Park opened for the tourists after monsoon on Wednesday, a new set of rules has come into force for tourists who want to stay in accommodations in the park. The park has some of most excellent vintage rest houses in Dhikala, Dela and other tourist zones.

Due to rising number of tourists in Corbett, who want to visit the park and spent some days there look for rest and guest houses inside the park. Most of the time, these forest rest houses and lodges are packed to capacity. Thus, in order to give more and more tourists a chance to stay inside the Corbett, authorities have decided only to allow maximum of three days of stay. Earlier, tourists could stay for nearly a week. But this practice has been shunned from this year.

Corbett that has one of richest biodiversity in the country is famous for its tigers. It is highest tiger density areas in the country. A large number of tourists visit Corbett every year.