Why concretization of Parade Ground?

parade ground concrete dehradun

Brig K.G.Behl(Retd)

 President All India Consumers Council Uttarakhand

Parade Ground which is the only open and green place left in the town and was considered as one of the lungs of Dehradun along with Gandhi Park is being converted into a concrete ground not only spoiling the greenery and beauty of Dehradun but suffocating people bringing many unknown and incurable diseases. Efforts are on to encroach upon it in the name of widening the adjoining roads reducing it in size and greenery. All the roads around it are earmarked for widening at its expense and all the trees along the boundary have been removed inspite of protests. The greenery of Parade Ground, now under one or the other excuse is being converted into concrete ground without bothering how much it will affect the greenery of the town and create pollution. A part of  Parade ground was meant only for practice of sports and not for making permanent concrete tracks or courts. Why can’t our environmentalists who keep on harping for bringing greenery to  Dehradun come and see how Parade Ground is being spoiled  in the name of sports? Have they taken permission from the Ministry of Environment for change of land use? We are not against sports but those have to be managed properly and carried out at specified places. Where is the necessity of making concrete courts when parade ground was being used only for practice purposes for cricket or volleyball as grass courts. Where is the necessity of having concrete Tennis, basketball courts etc. on that ground? There are plenty of areas around Dehradun where such activities can be set up. Why in the heart of city and that too at the expense of Historical Parade Ground which needs to be kept green?

A few years back they wanted to construct a stadium here and all lovers of green Dehradun gathered and protested and with great difficulty it was stopped. But now slowly they are again following the old foot steps and trying to convert it a concrete ground. It needs to be stopped forthwith. And removed where ever damaged.

Now they have sanctioned a big multipurpose hall costing Rs. Fourteen crores,   to be constructed there for sports purposes. Even a bigger hall has already been constructed at Maharana Sports College, Raipur. We had been pressing that even those buildings which are already there be shifted to other places and a beautiful green Park should be developed there which will not only provide fresh air for breathing to people but attract tourists as this area is known for tourism and needs to be accordingly developed.

For an area of the size of the present Parade ground a beautiful Park can be developed providing all these facilities from different gates for different events. Yes, all the encroachments, including building constructed haphazardly have to be removed. These buildings can be relocated on sides with entry from outside, if required. The whole ground should be walled leaving four main gates for entry. Inside the boundary wall a walking track with flower beds and green hedges  where morning / Evening walkers can come and enjoy their walk in fresh air and green surroundings.  Both sides of the track should be laid with beautiful flower beds and green little hedge rows. Separate Parking should be provided for each part in consonance with the activities catered for there in. Provision should be made for public utilities separately in each portion.

Who is allowing  the sports authority to utilize the  major part of  parade ground for  sports purposes whereas  only a portion of it was being used for  sports practice purposes and that too  to be kept green.

There are plenty of  old gardens in Delhi and other places all over the country which are being maintained properly with managing blocks nicely fitted on the outskirts with passages of their entry from outside the gardens. In Parade Ground here, haphazard constructions have come up spoiling the very nature of Park. When the proposal of construction of stadium had come up all these buildings were earmarked for removing from there and  new sites were allotted for their shifting. Same criteria could be followed even now rather than floating a new idea of constructing multi storied buildings on the periphery which will cover quite a bit of the area and may obstruct breeze.

 Similarly Gandhi Park is being converted into a concrete area, under one or the other excuse, which too needs to be stopped. Let the green parks remain green and not be converted into concrete areas which is against the environment protection.

The Hon’ble  Governor and Hon’ble Chief Minister are requested to personally look into it and stop the destruction of Parade Ground and greenery of Dehradun for which it was known.