Winterline wows tourists

winterline mussoorie

Prachi Rathuri



It’s here!

The magical Winterline of Mussoorie has made it appearance, vivid and bright.

The imaginary horizon that appears in the middle of October usually stays till the month of January. For locals it’s a sign that winters are here, for tourists, it means some great postcard moments. As the Winterline combined with the brilliant colours of sunset gives some breathtaking views, making it all seem dreamlike.

Like Ashuti Arora, a tourist from Delhi puts it, “I knew Mussoorie is beautiful but the Winterline just adds another dimension to it. It makes you feel like you are in another world altogether. Perfect and beautiful!”

A meteorological wonder, the Winterline is said to be visible in Burn in Switzerland and Mussoorie in Uttarakhand.

Experts say the Winterline occurs due to the refraction of sunlight at a certain angle. Thanks to the long clear view of Doon valley at the backdrop, it makes it just the perfect setting for the meteorological wonder to appear.

Interestingly though, the phenomenon has been popular with photographers and nature lovers over decades, efforts were made to popularize it among tourists, four years  in the form of a carnival. ‘Winterline Carnival’ held every winter for the past four years, now in its fifth year, has been attracting tourists to witness the beautiful Winterline and also enjoy other festivities with it.

 Sandeep Sahney, member, Tourism Development Board, Uttarakhand, and the moving force behind the carnival says, “I have seen the winterline as a child and it’s always held a special charm for me. The charm only grew with time and we wanted to share it with tourists and visitors. It’s after all a rare phenomenon!”

So if you haven’t seen it already enewsdesk suggests a trip soon!